Workout Idea of the Day

Complete 30 repetitions of each exercise, then 20 of each and finally 10 as fast as possible with minimal rest. 30 - 20 -10 Air Squats - Can Be Performed Weighted To Increase Difficulty Dips - Use a Chair, Sofa, Low table or Any Other Sturdy Object Burpees - Perform Chest to Floor to Increase Difficulty

More Core Training

Work Your Through The Following Ab Blasting Circuit! 10 In and Out Crunches 10 Glute Bridges 10 Second Plank (Drop to Knees to Decrease Difficulty) 10 Russian Twists (Hold a Small Weight to Increase Difficulty) 10 Leg Raises (Bend Knees if Straight Legs Are To Intense) 10 Mountain Climbers Aim for 3 - 4 Rounds With Nice Controlled Movement for Optimal Results :-) *Video Speed has been increased for storage reasons

Core Training Circuit

Perform the following exercises back to back for 30 seconds each. Rest for 1 minute then repeat x 2 Deadbug Mountain Climbers In and Outs Reverse Crunch Russian Twists Plank Hold