The Light Nights are Back

Fab Bootcamp at Hockley Heath Park this week! Everyone giving it 100% as usual and the light nights are officially back! Now we just need some sunshine :-)

Monday Motivation!

Its Monday so no better time to get moving! Don't fancy running? No problem! A Brisk 30 minute walk will also reward you with great health benefits such as * Maintaining a healthy weight * Prevention or Management of various conditions including Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure and Type 2 Diabetes * Strengthens Bones and Muscles * Improved Mood * Improved Balance and Coordination So what are you waiting for? Lets get up and Move :-)

SLF Fitness Outdoor Training

Ever wondered what we do at Wednesdays Bootcamp? Well i've made this short video outlining some of the activities that you may find within the class. Don't fancy training with a group then we also offer 1-1 Personal Training tailored to your requirements. Contact us for more details!