Half Burpee Step Ups

  1. Stand facing a plyometric box or sturdy chair.

  2. Place your hands on the ground in front of your feet.

  3. Tighten your core and jump your feet backwards into a push up position.

  4. Jump your feet back towards your hands and stand up.

  5. Next step up onto the box then back down.

  6. Repeat for the required number of repetitions.

Air Squat

  1. Stand with your feet slightly wider than your shoulders keeping your weight in your heels and your feet angled slightly outwards.

  2. Put your arms out straight in front of you.

  3. Begin by tightening your core, bending your knees and lowering yourself towards the ground into a squat position. Keep your chest upright and do not allow your knees to cave in.

  4. Continue to bend your knees until your thighs are at least parallel to the ground.

  5. Push yourself back up the start position.

  6. Repeat the movement for the required number of repetitions.

Chair Mountain Climbers

  1. Place your hands onto a sturdy chair or plyometric box.

  2. Straighten your arms so that they are directly underneath your shoulders and come up onto your toes. Your body should be in a straight line.

  3. Keeping your core tight, bring one knee up towards your chest.

  4. Return to the start position and repeat for the other side. Increase your speed if its comfortable to do so.

  5. Repeat for the required number of repetitions